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Watch Our "After A Homicide" Interview Series:

The Role of the Media with a Homicide

The Role of Victim Services

The Role of The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team

The Role of Crown Counsel in a Homicide Case

The BC Victims of Homicide Support Group Experience

A Personal Experience with parents Who Lost Their Son to Homicide

Lesson Learned

The Role of Restorative Justice

Homicide Grief Support Groups

The BC Victims of Homicide (BCVOH) is an initiative of the BC Bereavement Helpline that aims to provide support and strength to the families and friends of individuals who have survived the loss of a loved one by homicide. BCVOH offers support to relatives and friends of homicide victims in the form of safe, unique 8-week guided support groups. Click below for more information.

Loss and Grief is Universal

BCBH Parallel Lives

Our new BCBH video highlights that even in grief there is a common thread of humanity, with the overarching message that You are Not Alone.

We are here to help. Contact us if you’re dealing with grief or loss by phone at 604-738-9950, toll-Free 1-877-779-2223 or by email at